Poetry Post: Images by the Thousand

Keep on reading. This is not the poem. I guess it would be a pretty eccentric poem if these words were, in fact, the poem. So occasionally in moments of sadness, or anger I turn to writing poetry on the back of whatever work I was working on. Strange that; I rarely write poems in moments of happiness. The anger just simmers inside me and slowly whistles out like a kettle as the words scratch themselves onto the page (somehow the motion eases your tension, like playing the piano).

Images by the Thousand

Laetitia N

A heart may beat a thousand times

Each thousand

An image

To beat is to see, to see by the thousand

When one can’t

See at all

Images are hidden, by the thousand

A heart not

Beat or see

This poem was written in a moment of jealousy, I guess, though I hate to admit it. I had been reading a book where the male love interest was quite a fan of poetry at the time and wrote poems of love and poems that were quite cryptic and dramatic. My scratches on the page followed that path that had been imprinted on my mind.

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  1. I were required to refresh your page times to look at this page for reasons unknown, however, the info here was worth the delay.

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