The Wonders of Autocorrect

Some will say that autocorrect is hell. Some will say autocorrect is a lifesaver. Am I wrong to believe that it’s some mutilated love child of the two?

Most will associate autocorrect with Apple, the slowly diminishing technological giant. To say it in the most dramatic way,  Autocorrect is the path changer of texting and it can turn a conversation about a scary Russian ballet examiner to the cannibalistic eating habits of the Alligator Garfish. You are welcome to compare the two.


True Story.  Anyway, sometimes I wonder if Autocorrect is a positive or a negative. Without the sudden change in topic, I would have gone on persuading my friend that Russian Ballet Examiners may not be so scary and the conversation would have continued with the predictability of a teenage soap drama. Yet, along came Autocorrect and the conversation took a turn to discuss Garfish, Canibalism and documentaries…that led to Twilight and the mafia…that led to texting in various languages. Thankyou Autocorrect, +1 happy point for you.

However, have you noticed that with the knowledge of autocorrect you wouldn’t need to think twice about what you type? You wouldn’t need your wondrous spelling ability at all because the lovely Autocorrect would automatically correct the word for you or the tempting SpellCheck would check the spelling for you. How convenient. With autocorrect, our minds are slowly lapsing into a dependence of it like children are unaware of how dependent they are of their parents. That is, until they are alone. Some choose to become familiar with this maturity. Only Some. We can let go of autocorrect too. (On an iPhone) Simply go into Settings > General > Keyboard and with the slide of your finger, Autocorrect can go into storage.  Boom…waiting until you feel the need to say “Hi” again. So Autocorrect can be a bad thing, but it is merely a matter of choice and control.

Autocorrect needs to realise that it doesn’t have a brain. How would it know if I wanted to talk about #yoloswag? #Yoloswag not 3 Yesteryears. How would it know that changing ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ to ‘Leonardo DiCapoop’ would not leave me a very happy Apple Empire citizen? Because Autocorrect doesn’t have a living, nerve rippling brain. This is the main reason Autocorrect is victim to such an inferno of hate. Sorry, -1 happy point for you Autocorrect. You need to review your word choices but for now we can be content with turning the option off. Still, there’s a good thing in this matter of autocorrect’s brain; comedy. Without Autocorrect’s brainlessness, there wouldn’t be the memes that would illicit a laugh from me daily as I scroll down my Instagram feed (or if you want to see for yourself, there’s some at

A way you can avoid the trappings of Autocorrect is by going into Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts and you can write a shortcut for the words you usually type wrong or Autocorrect usually ‘corrects’ for you. e.g. If you tend to turn ‘scary’ into ‘garfish’ then you can put: Phrase = Garfish and Shortcut = Scary.

So the end result is that Autocorrect has it’s negatives but if you look into them some can be turned to positives. It depends on the user. To slide or not to slide?


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