Poetry Post: Illusions and Reflections

The other day, I was at the quite ethereal ‘Monet’s Garden’ Art Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). I am not one to express my thoughts in pictures, I express them as words. As I tried to gain meaning in each painting, all I could see in my mind were potential lines of poetry.

So I was making poems in my head as I moved around the gallery and most of them were from aspects of the paintings that I took as metaphors. Perhaps that was my inner literature nerd calling out to me. Actually I was quite annoyed.  Was he really feeling caged or was I just thinking too deep?  What if Monet painted the leaves hiding the house just because he felt like it and thought it looked nice (in the way that I might have added a fancy word to impress the English teacher)?

Well eventually I just felt a weird need to record such work. Very weird, just ask anyone at the gallery that day. So I hunted around for a pen, found a receipt I could scrawl on and stood before the painting writing creepily whilst other gallery-goers attempted to politely squeeze past. Politely. The poem was written as I gawked at Monet’s ‘Houses of Parliament reflected on the Thames’ painting (below).

Houses of Parliament - Claude Monet

Houses of Parliament – Claude Monet

Okay folks so here is the poem:

Illusions and Reflections

– Laetitia N

Humankind is an illusion,

Melting, wavering like the oceans that surround us.

There may be the merest break in the sky.


A break we can’t see lest

Reflected in our molten imprisonment.

We are surrounded by an illusion,

A reflection.

We are caged by ourselves,

By what we see.

Only the faint illusion in the distance,

Obscured by fog,

Surrounded by faint lines,

Has the molten chance of being



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