Art: My little world in flags

Room decoration! Merging the current trend of dangling things around as interior decoration with a little me, I decided to create ‘My little world in flags’. Finding some of my favourite quotes on GoodReads then decorating them with whatever came to mind on the flags, an easy arty little piece was created.FLags


  1. Figure out how you want to decorate your flags. In this case, it was quotes from books and movies and the decorations related to the quotes. You can put anything on the flags; from pressed flowers to photobooth party memories.
  2. Find some wool or string and secure onto the wall or place you would like the flags to hang and look awesome.
  3. Secure flags onto string with coloured paperclips.

Finito! Now you have a little something to add to your room and a little filler for spare time. Let the flags hang proudly like any other flag. These flags are your flags. Yes, plural. You’re that cool that you have multiple flags. Enjoy!


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