Meme Monday: Kevin Rudd. Is Back.

He's baaack

Oh yes he’s back. This Monday’s meme.

Kevin Rudd wants to stall on the election date. Ha ha. First he pulls a terminator on me then… I don’t know, a Jack Dawson waiting to come out of the water when global warming comes along? When Rose is dead? Well not that extreme. I don’t mind, keep on stalling. The economic trust just might be dying but oh well, no biggie. But then there’s the asylum seeker project.

I was listening to the radio when the ad (yes the ad, anything between music and talking is ads) came on and in a multitude of languages too. Just asking, how would that help the asylum seekers? Are we supposed to call them when they probably don’t have a phone? Refugees are humans too and many of us Australians can proudly trace lineage to them. Perhaps the detention centres are getting too crowded but still, the way he put it (pretty much “Go away. We’re closed”) didn’t sit very well with me. Yet, I understand what he means. Maybe the nice guy effect would have worked better.

So he brings his wife to Afghanistan,  promises…well..stuff and is trying to win the hearts of the population. Awesome. However I doubt he can live up to Jack Dawson. Ever. Please don’t try Krudd, please. The shaving photo was enough of your alpha male for me.

Oh and one more meme:

Kevin rudd gatsby


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