HB and 2B, Just a word of advice.

These are pencils.

I realised that an exam isn’t the best time to play rebel and showcase your independence.

It seems that every time I take an exam we need a 2B pencil. Annoying. So to all you fellow HB-ers out there and to the lone 2B-er…. I regret to inform you that lest you use a 2B pencil…you will fail. The scanner marks your work and it generally can’t optically scan leads that are not soft and dark enough (hence le HB). A good idea is to have a B (also good) and a 2B pencil in your pencilcase most of the time but if you’re a human then the pencils will magically disappear before you reach the middle point of the year.

Fun fact. HB is great for writing, 2B for exams, B for shading, B for sketching, 2H for accidentally pricking your finger, H for poking someone who shuns The Titanic.

So the moral of the story? Read the instructions or alternatively thank the person who happens to have a pencil to spare.

2B or not 2B. That is not a question.

But to read through 155 words of pointless ramblings? Yeah…question.


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