TV Series Review: Ripper Street (Episode 1)


Ripper Street (“The BBC Hit drama”) , starring Matthew Macfayden (yes, that’s Mr Darcy) as the criminal detective, premiered on Australian screens last Sunday with the next installment to grace the buzzing eye-killers this Sunday 8:30 pm on Channel 10.

It’s the gruesome mystery of Jack the Ripper who is apparently just as gruesome as the title suggests. Perhaps too gruesome. Set in Victorian London, I felt like I needed a period drama following the events of Downton Abbey and what do you know there was Mr Darcy “right before our eyes” (sorry, Ripper Street inside joke). Let me tell you that this was not Downton Abbey.

You’re in for killing, blood, more killing, dimly lit streets, murder, creepy photographers that strangely resemble mad scientists, ‘darksideness’, dead people, dead ‘females’ and un-Downton, raw, dreading mystery.

The costumes were gorgeous, set was believable, story was gripping, however a few scenes were slightly ‘questionable’.

For me, there was too much killing. However, that was because I was in Downton Mood. Acting is greatly played and the director captured the raw elements of Victorian London very well.

I seriously considered switching to Underbelly: Squizzyalso a crime period drama over on Channel 7, as I was told that there was more of a love story. We’ll just have to see.

No, this is not Pride and Prejudice, no this is not Downton Abbey. This is Ripper Street (not exactly something I would recommend watching whilst eating a white custard and rasberry noire dessert…with a strawberry happy-time milkshake).



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