Naming things

I find that many people tend to name their cars…or maybe that’s just an exaggeration at the hands of the media. Yet, there are some who name their laptops, fridges and whiteboards. Am I the only one who feels an itch at the back of my mind forming ideas of a blooming possible borderline craziness in these people?

I read in a novel once, it said; “Don’t name it. If you name it, you’ll develop feelings for it. The ‘thing’ will be granted a personality”. Is this a sudden revelation for all questions in the world? We could start a new political party: The Nouns. Anyway, perhaps such a simple fact as this could be reason for nicknames, a hidden truth echoed all this time. Now you’ll need to read between the lines each time someone suggests a nickname, courtesy of themselves. It is most likely that the quote from the novel is referring to chickens and pigs however we don’t need to truly pay attention to that do we? Everyone needs to dream.

So I’ve seen people snicker as the person in question proudly refers to their laptop, Raruni. There is a certain fun in choosing the exact name for that exact thing. Admit it, you’ve looked through a baby name’s book once. Or you’ve looked at Google. Now I’m certain about that. I did a quick search on Google: “naming a laptop” and the things that come up…wow .Think of it as a promotion. Raruni the common noun gets promoted to proper noun and there are some who are still uncertain about that (a.k.a moi). So is this an indicator that Raruni’s owner is that little bit crazy? Let’s just say that person is special…and loves his/her laptop very much.

Name your nouns what you like, join ‘The Nouns’. You never know, naming things could become a trend and knowing trends they can be anything (just look at #curedmeat or #sharkweek). No one can really do anything except write a blog post that takes up a good few megabytes of the internet that could possibly be used for something more relevant.


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