Poetry Post: Asylum Seekers

All eyes are trained on the politics. All eyes are trained on the media, who are in truth eyes themselves. With so much white noise we have to truly see between the lines. What do you see?

Okie dokie, here is the poem.

Asylum Seekers

– Laetitia Nguyen

A Sigh, A Sigh,

Whispers across oceans.

Lumber, Lumber,

As crashes sound.

Seek, Seek,

Futures in the unknown.

Air, Air,

Are the promises stated.

Them, Them,

The Asylum Seekers.


5 responses to “Poetry Post: Asylum Seekers

  1. A very difficult, complicated issue, where it seems a one size fits all approach is trying to be implemented.

    Asylum Seekers and refugees are human beings, with REAL experiences and emotions.

    It is never going to be easy, though if people spent some more time educating themselves about this issue, instead of hearing the last soundbite and thinking that makes them an expert with the license to make racist and uninformed comments, we MIGHT be able to come up with a more effective and humane way of working through this.

    I loved the documentary that SBS did: http://www.sbs.com.au/goback/

    Great poem. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your views and the link. It is such a hard topic to truly find a side on. Perhaps we just need to roll with the waves and let it pass. However, in the situation of the refugees that tactic didnt exactly work either.

  2. I despair at a ‘free press’ and politicians who daily demonise refugees and often seem to place them in the same basket as the ‘people smugglers’ who are exploiting some of the world’s most desperate people. I showed my year 8s the Go Back to Where You Came From documentary. It is a very moving and confronting series.
    We do not want drownings at sea due to overcrowded and/or unseaworthy boats attempting to cross from Indonesia to Australia. I understand that the government is trying to disempower the people smugglers with their PNG ‘solution’ but in the meantime those who have already committed to making a crossing are destined for a country that Australians are advised not to visit.
    I liked your poem. It is ‘real’ like the people who are seeking refuge.

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