The feeling of freedom

What is it to feel free? For me it is not running along rolling hills but walking around the hustling, bustling city streets with a bag on my elbow and trying to blend in.

You are welcome to lecture me. Across the net. Invisibly. With an invisible cape. Condensed into pixels that might end up slightly distorted. You, dear friend, are also welcome to lecture me on my grammar. That is because you are free to do so. The inevitability and ‘newness’ of something makes people go “I wish…” and the moment that you realise that you in fact have the skills, nay, freedom to do that certain something there is a certain feeling that comes to pass: The Feeling of Freedom [insert dramatic echoes].

The feeling of freedom is something we should all treasure. Some people will never see such a thing. But hey, we can talk about lighter matters. Why? Because of freedom. Or yoloswag. Depends on your state of mind.

Once you have finally lectured me under your distorted and pixelated invisible cape in the wide eyed euphoria of freedom you get “The Empty Feeling”. You have finally reached your life goal of lecturing me on grammar and now you’re just like…oh. But many previous ‘oh-ers’ need to know that the ‘Oh’ feeling doesn’t always weedle its way into our brains. Situations that aren’t so similar to English lectures like the final escape from countries (Hey there Tony!) and Flahdance spastic dancing will never quite fizzle to the ‘Oh’ level.

Now those are truly worthy of pixelated invisible capes.


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