Lovin’ Techy: Socialmatic (Instagram) Camera

Dear World,

So I have an obsession with polaroids. And vintage things. And Instagram. Then BOOM Socialmatic happens and becomes subject to my obsessive stalking. It is basically an instant camera (with the ZINK printer of the Polaroid Z2300) that combines with a digital camera (so you don’t lose the photos) and is also going to become a social network (“Socialmatic”). Not sure how the social network aspect is going to go but otherwise I am definitely excited for this thing. Plus, Polaroid is making this camera that is coming in 2014. Polaroid!

I’m most certain that Instagram is going to file a lawsuit for this little instant but for now I am going to continue to dream that I might finally hold a polaroid in my hands.

Oh my. The only downside is the price: $299 .



2014, I’m waiting. Here’s the website: http://www.social-matic.com/site/

Wow you actually read this. Bye!

Lots of Love,



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