Different Personalities. Two faced?

Is it wrong to feel like you are full of different personalities and in general…gravitate through them? Usually no. But isn’t ‘different personalities’ the very definition of having ‘two faces’ except it may be worse because wouldn’t having ‘different personalities’  mean shifting through 3-5 different…faces? Well I guess I must be 5 faced then. Now how beautiful would that be.

I like to think of this as a little thing called connotations. Positive, negative, really beneath all the glamour turning a prospect positive or negative, the raw ‘thing’ left behind is the same. Perhaps the different personalities are like a glamour too, shifting and guarding the ‘real’ underneath. So no matter how much the world tries to chip away at this fragile and ever-changing mask, there will always be your true self underneath. And, one day (probably in the near future) it will be just your true self left.

Every face on a cube is just a different angle. Every face of you is just a different angle of you. But it is still you. Remember that because if we thought a cube was a sphere, the maths teachers of the world wouldn’t be very happy chappies. Yet the angry teacher is just an aspect of who they really are, perhaps they are bubbly art enthusiasts or even creepy cat ladies contributing to the obesity of our feline friends. We all have many faces, but right now, in the moment, let’s use quite a favourite face of mine. 1,2,3…Smile!



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