Art & Design: Linogirl – Via Finder’s Keeper’s Market

A few weeks back, I was at the Finder’s Keeper’s Market in Melbourne. Oh wow. Colours, colours everywhere! I imagine my reaction must have been something akin to a magpie suddenly surrounded by glinting,beckoning shiny things.

Anyway, I kept on walking around the place and couldn’t help finding my way back to the stall of an artist by the name of Linogirl (and in my head, I couldn’t help murmuring “The name’s Girl. Lino Girl”).  I find her paintings intricate yet refreshingly minimalist and eventually I decided to purchase one of her prints. Sigh of happiness.


I love how her painting is so delicate yet ‘advancing’ in shapes. The idea of turning her ceramic pieces into art prints creates a perfect, wall-worthy specimen of art.

I was soon informed that the artist behind LinoGirl is Kerry Scheen, who works with hand formed ceramics and illustrations.


Her website (equally lovely to the eye) can be found here:



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